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Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

The diagnosis is made based on the traditional conceptual framework of daoist science (Yin / Yang, WuXing, Bagua, Jing-Qi-Shen etc.) Tongue and pulse diagnosis are core diagnostic methods.

Acupuncture: Selected points on the chinese channel system are activated with special needling techniques. The acupuncture needles themselves are very thin and are only used once. The application of the needles is often hardly or not felt at all!

Moxibustion: or Moxa, is an ancient form of heat therapy that facilitates healing through  the burning of the herb mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris). The practitioner monitors the heat level and works with the patient to provide a  therapeutic level of heat while assuring comfort and safety.

Gua Sha: This healing method works by scraping  on oiled skin with a rounded edge. This causes increased blood circulation in the skin. This treatment is suitable, for example, for colds or tense muscles. Typically,  patients immediately feel a positive effect.

Cupping: Cupping is a technique that involves the suction of glass or plastic cups on the skin to disperse stagnation and to restore the body's natural energy flow This method is suitable, for example, for pain and respiratory illnesses.

Zhen Jiu Mei Rong: Chinese for "Acupuncture for Beauty-Culture", Zhen Jiu Mei Rong is a timeless beauty technique. It is an effective and non-surgical way to support a radiant look that shines from the inside out. Asthetic Acupuncture in Quantum Needle is not a superficial treatment. Root causes are addressed.  That means that rejuvenation takes place not only externally, but above all, internally. Your appearance is a reflection of the power of inner health!


Beauty has nothing to do with vanity; it is about giving value to all aspects of oneself. Self-worth. "As within, so without."

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